Marcus Jordan Defends His Father Michael Jordan After Nick Wright's Latest Statement

Marcus Jordan didn't agree with Nick Wright's scathing comments on Michael Jordan's greatness.

Marcus Jordan will always stand up for his family, as seen on his Instagram after Nick Wright made a controversial statement about Michael Jordan.  

Wright said that the nine seasons Jordan failed to win a title are forgotten about to make him the GOAT, 

a claim thoroughly debunked by Franki Hrelja, a content creator with 134K Instagram followers who made a video explaining why that isn't the case. 

Marcus Jordan gladly reshared the explanation Hrelja gave in his video to silence the doubters.

Hrelja, in his video, used Jordan's historic 1987-88 season where he won MVP, 

the scoring title, and Defensive Player of the Year, as proof that even Jordan's losing seasons were sensational.   

He even brought up the 1986-87 season where Jordan had scored even more points. 

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