Mariah Carey Revealed She Doesn't Have a Driver's License

The truth that Mariah Carey is the epitome of a diva cannot be avoided. She sleeps with twenty humidifiers all around her to protect her voice, and the day before an event, she won't talk. Aside from that, she doesn't observe birthdays. 

The fact that Ms. Carey hasn't driven herself anywhere in years, nevertheless, may be the most diva aspect of her personality. Mariah disclosed that she hasn't had a driver's licence in seven years during her appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week.

I would do it if there was a single roadway where I could determine that it was safe for me to drive," Mariah said. "But the truth is, I'd rather go with someone in the car and not drive.

Although she is a skilled driver, Carey made it clear that she neglected to renew her licence after it expired. She said, "I allowed my licence to expire, so I don't have one." After having one, I moved out of my residence.

You really shouldn't drive in Manhattan if you're living in the city like I did. Well, I'm not. And she said, "And then, when I went, I was like, 'All right, my licence.'" "Oh, well, it's expired and expired like seven years ago," they said. 

Carey revealed something else unexpected throughout the show. The singer revealed that she doesn't possess trainers in response to a question about the most informal piece of apparel in her wardrobe.

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