Martha Stewart Is Not Hosting Thanksgiving This Year for the Most Relatable Reason

We don't blame the queen of hosting for being over it. Martha Stewart said that she would not be hosting a Thanksgiving meal this year during Thursday's broadcast of The Kelly Clarkson Show. I skipped Thanksgiving. She said to Clarkson, "I cancelled." 

Someone was sick, so nine guests had to cancel. So ... We're not doing Thanksgiving, I told my chef pal over the phone. In addition, Stewart has already prepared enough food for the entire year, having done her fair share of cooking in advance of the holiday.

She added, "I have to cook one more turkey for the Today show, but I've already cooked 14 for my TV show." So, set it aside. Stewart immediately responded, "I am turkeyed out," when Clarkson inquired if she was "all turkeyed out."

Stewart yet intends to attend her friends' celebrations in order to partake in the joy. "I made a plan," she declared. "I'm visiting roughly five different homes to sample various dishes because, of course, friends invited me to their homes."

Even though Stewart was overtired from Thanksgiving, she, Clarkson, and the other visitor, WNBA player Candace Parker, got into the spirit of things by preparing some themed drinks and raising a glass to each other.

Stewart attended the Bergdorf Goodman holiday window opening party on Thursday night, kicking off the Christmas season early. Dressed in a gorgeous silver midi dress embellished with gold platform heels and a white puffer coat, Stewart looked great.

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