Mavs Announcer Slams James Harden: “You’re Not The Beard, You’re Not The System, You’re The Problem”

Mavericks announcer Brian Dameris delivers a scathing critique, labeling James Harden as the problem amid the Clippers' struggles.

Mavericks announcer Brian Dameris delivered a scathing critique of James Harden during half-time, 

following the LA Clippers' recent struggles after acquiring the former MVP. Dameris boldly asserted that the issue lies not with the team but squarely with Harden himself. 

He drew an analogy, likening Harden to a bad roommate who fails to recognize their role in the problem. 

In a passionate monologue, Dameris stated:

"Listen James, if you ever had those friends who had bad roommates, over and over they complain about their bad roommates. 

This guy is terrible, the bad roommate here, they never thought and self-aware that they are the bad roommate.  

They are the problem. And James, you're the problem. 

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