Megan Fox's Monochromatic Brown Tank and Leather Skirt Look Is the Perfect Fall Outfit

Megan Fox just won fashion for wearing the most amazing, fail-proof fall dress to go with her pumpkin spice and everything nice red hair while promoting her new book, Pretty Boys are Poisonous.

Fox wore a monochrome brown ensemble consisting of a chocolate-colored tank tucked into a similar distressed leather maxiskirt with a flared bottom on Tuesday. Fox wore black patent-leather slouchy stiletto boots peeking out from beneath the shin-length hem, with minimal accessories. 

The collection of poetry about relationships includes some that detail her life and others that she described as "allegorical" to People. Fox talks about a miscarriage she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly endured in two of the anthology's pieces, and she opened out about it in a recent interview with Good Morning America.

"I've never experienced anything like that in my life," she explained. "Because I have three children, it was quite tough for both of us, and it launched us on a very crazy path together and individually... attempting to decipher 'What does this mean?' and 'How did this happen?

She also told reporter Kayna Whitworth that some of the works portray former violent relationships, and that some of her work was cut from the final product because "it is too much."

Some of it is excessive when you are well-known. I would have included more entries like that if I had the flexibility of just being a poet and people not wanting to delve too deeply into my personal life.

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