Meghan Markle "Doesn't Want Anything to Do" With the Royals Anymore

Omid Scobie, a royal specialist and author, claims that one former senior royal in particular has "moved on" from all the drama engulfing the monarchy in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth's death, as royal fans brace themselves for surprising revelations with the release of her book Endgame. 

Early on in the process, a few of the Meghan resources that I had previously relied heavily on said, "You know what? "She's not interested in interacting with it," Scobie stated to People.

It's not the same for Harry. In regard to his conflicts with the media, he remains unresolved ", he continued. To show us him functioning in an environment free from the bonds of the past, he will have to find a way to counterbalance that.

Despite the strained relationship between Markle, Harry, and the royal family, Scobie continues to stay in touch with King Charles III and ensures that her children, Archie and Lilibet, enjoy a grandfather-child bond.

Harry reluctantly comes to terms with the fact that this is his father's nature. Rather than cut it off entirely, he would prefer to keep that in his life. Thus, it is frequently [Harry] reaching out when they speak," Scobie said.

Furthermore, Scobie made it clear that no one within the immediate vicinity of the palace is interested in what Harry says or does. He even went so far as to claim that his sources thought it was all "annoying noise" and "no longer valuable."

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