Miami Heat Trade For Brandon Ingram In Proposed Blockbuster Deal

The Miami Heat can change their season outlook if they make a big swing to acquire Brandon Ingram.

The Miami Heat are trying to arrest a rough start to the 2023-24 NBA season. After going 1-4 in their opening five games, the Heat have pulled it back to .500 after eight games. 

The top of the East is looking solid, with the Philadelphia 76ers having joined the favorites, the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics, in the title race.  

The Heat have admittedly fallen behind, with one of the worst offenses in the league and a streaky roster. 

The Pelicans have done the opposite of what the Heat have done, starting the season 4-1, and have since fallen to the same record as the Heat at 4-4.  

Even though they have looked strong with Zion Williamson healthy, CJ McCollum's lung issues have affected their momentum. 

There are still issues with what the team can achieve in its current form, given how injuries seem to ruin every season. 

The Pelicans may be better off with a soft reboot of their core to surround Williamson with a young guard instead of a post scorer. 

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