Michael Jordan’s Points Per Game Against Every NBA Team

Looking into Michael Jordan's points per game against every NBA team in his career.

Diving into Michael Jordan's scoring legacy, we explore his epic performances against every NBA team. 

From his highest-scoring game against every NBA franchise to his standout achievements,  

we uncover the moments where Jordan reached his highest point totals. 

This breakdown highlights the statistical brilliance of Jordan's incredible scoring records, taking a trip through the history of his unmatched scoring skills against each team.  

Michael Jordan's encounters against his own team, the Chicago Bulls, were limited, playing only six games throughout his career. 

His average of 16.2 points per game showcases his ability even against a team he represented for the majority of his illustrious career.  

Despite the limited games, Jordan’s competitiveness and skill were evident, although statistics against his own team remain a unique aspect of his legacy. 

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