NBA Analyst Explains Why Stephen Curry And The Warriors Support Draymond Green Even After All Of His Beefs And Alteration

Colin Cowherd discusses why the Warriors support Draymond Green, citing his unparalleled defensive skills and the need for a team enforcer.

NBA analyst Colin Cowherd recently offered an explanation for why Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors 

continue to support Draymond Green, even in the face of his various conflicts and altercations.  

Cowherd emphasized Green's role as a catalyst both on and off the court, highlighting his exceptional defensive prowess as the greatest in the league over the past decade. 

Cowherd acknowledged the discomfort that arises when witnessing incidents like Green's occasional punch at practice or his recent chokehold on Rudy Gobert.  

However, he argued that such physicality is a manifestation of what fans often clamor for  

– a tough, enforcer-type player who acts as the team's defender and supporter. 

Much like Rodman's impact during the Bulls' championship runs, Green is the Warriors' defensive linchpin.  

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