NBA Fans Blast Chris Paul For Dirty Play On Mike Conley

Chris Paul unnecessarily lunged at Mike Conley's legs and NBA fans blasted him for being dirty.

Chris Paul has come under fire after he lunged at Mike Conley's legs during the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night.

While you ideally wouldn't want to accuse someone of making a dirty play, that is as blatant as it gets from Paul. 

You get diving for the loose ball, but there was no reason for that lunge afterward, and he could have caused some serious damage to Conley 

Bizarrely enough, Conley ended up being called for a foul here to add insult to injury. 

NBA fans were not happy with Paul for this dirty play, as you can imagine, and he got blasted by them. 

One fan wonders how Paul has gotten a pass all these years for being so dirty.

While doing this to anyone would be terrible, doing it to Conley is just that little bit worse. 

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