NBA Fans Call Out LeBron James For His One-Legged 3-Point Shot: "Arrogance Is The Only Explanation"

LeBron James attempted a one-legged three-pointer in the game against the Orlando Magic, and NBA fans called him out for it.

With the Los Angeles Lakers trailing 105-82 in the fourth quarter of their game against the Orlando Magic on Saturday night,  

LeBron James decided to attempt a one-legged three-pointer. 

It was a terrible decision on his part, and the shot even ended up being blocked by Jonathan Isaac. 

Unsurprisingly, NBA fans called out James for this wild attempt.

A fan couldn't believe James attempted this while his team was trailing by 23 points.

It very well could be that LeBron was inspired by Johannes. She hits one-legged falling away threes remarkably well, 

and the 38-year-old was in awe of her shotmaking in Game 1 of the 2023 WNBA Finals. 

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