NBA Fans React To Savannah James' Stunningly Hot Video: "The Real Reason Why LeBron Didn't Play Last Night"

Savannah James looked stunning as she dressed up for the Baby2Baby Gala. NBA fans reacted to a viral video of hers.

Savannah James attended the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala on November 11 and as you might imagine, dressed up incredibly well for the occasion. 

A video of Savannah's from that night went viral on X as she looked absolutely stunning. 

NBA fans reacted to the video and some of them did so in hilarious fashion.

One joked that this was the real reason LeBron James didn't play against the Portland Trail Blazers.

LeBron did actually react to Savannah's look on the night, as he posted an Instagram story in which he praised her.

It is always great to see just how much he loves her and also how he supports her every step of the way.

Savannah sent an inspirational message to LeBron in the Beats commercial, where she encouraged him to aim to play with both of their sons. 

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