NBA Ordered LaMelo Ball To Cover Up His Neck Tattoo Over Violation Of League Rule

LaMelo Ball has been asked to cover his Neck Tattoo by the NBA as it violates rules against exposing commercial logos.

LaMelo Ball had covered up the "LF" tattoo under his ear for the game against the Miami Heat on Tuesday night and made it clear afterward that the NBA was responsible for it. 

Now, insider Adrian Wojnarowski has shared why the league requires LaMelo to cover up the tattoo. 

LF stands for LaFrance, which is Ball's middle name, as well as his clothing brand.  

The tattoo shows the brand's logo, which violates the rules that were put in place in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

The league noticed the tattoo during preseason and the two sides have been in constant communication over the subject. 

The Charlotte Hornets star covered up the tattoo in order to avoid a fine, and the two sides will continue to discuss short and long-term solutions on this matter 

To go with LaFrance being his middle name and his uncle's name too, Ball and his representatives have stated that he has been using those initials long before it became a brand.  

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