NBA Scout Taps Anthony Edwards As "The Next Michael Jordan"

NBA scout says Anthony Edwards could become the next Michael Jordan.

Anthony Edwards is making big strides in his fourth NBA season. Amid a particularly hot start for him and the 5-2 Timberwolves,  

the conversation is starting to change on where he ranks among the best players in the league. 

Speaking to one league scout, ESPN's Tim MacMahon was hit with a comparison between Edwards and famed Bulls legend Michael Jordan.  

Was talking to some scouts before last night's game, one of them said about Anthony Edwards that 'he’s the next Michael Jordan'...  

He's coming for Giannis crown as the best two-way superstar," the scout said. 

Edwards still has a long way to go before he can sniff the same air as no. 23, but he's showing some really promising signs so far.  

And this season, with career highs across the board, Edwards seems to have taken another leap in his game which could put him in the conversation as one of the 10 best players in the game.  

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