NBA Teams Will Spend Approximately $516 Million On Luxury Tax Payment

The NBA will get approximately $516 from luxury taxes this season.

The NBA went through a rough lockout in 1998, and one of the terms of the agreement to resume basketball was the introduction of a 'luxury tax' for teams that are a certain threshold over the salary cap. 

The luxury tax is collected from defaulting teams and redistributed among teams that did not cross the tax line. 

As time has gone on, the luxury tax has become a crucial thing to keep in mind for every team building a roster, 

as the league is projected to have over $516 million to redistribute this season.

Eight teams are expected to make up the pool of $516 million that will be paid out to other teams, with the Warriors and Clippers leading the way. 

The Lakers and Pelicans are also currently expected to pay the luxury tax this season, 

but their amounts are so marginal that they could easily comply with tax rules before the season is up.  

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