Nets Fans Mock James Harden With Daryl Morey Chant

James Harden didn't get the warmest reception in Brooklyn for his second game as a Clipper.

James Harden is hoping to make Los Angeles his long-term home after being moved to the franchise, his fourth team in four years. 

The Nets are one of his former teams, with the fanbase serenading him with Daryl Morey chants in a way to mock the former MVP. 

Harden forced his way out of Brooklyn pretty aggressively in the 2021-22 season, 

insisting on getting traded to the 76ers due to the long-standing relationship he enjoys with Daryl Morey.  

Harden felt protected in Philly with Morey as the GM but reported back-tracking on a future contract offer meant that Harden would lose one of his oldest executive friends in the NBA. 

The Nets handed the Clippers their second loss of the Harden era, with the team sitting 0-2 since acquiring Harden.  

He had just 12 points with eight rebounds and five assists on the night, as the Clippers' offense failed to click.  

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