Patrick Beverley Calls Out His Former Teammate Karl-Anthony Towns For Not Helping Rudy Gobert When Draymond Green Tried To Choke Him

Beverley calls out Karl-Anthony Towns for not defending Gobert in a scuffle.

Patrick Beverley, currently with the Philadelphia 76ers, did not hold back in criticizing his former teammate Karl-Anthony Towns for his lack of action 

during the scuffle between Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green in the game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors. 

Beverley expressed his disappointment in Towns on "The Pat Bev Podcast," highlighting that despite Towns appearing to be upset, he did not intervene to support Gobert. 

Beverley emphasized that if Towns and others didn't take action in defense of Gobert,  

it would send a message to Draymond Green that he could act without consequences. 

The incident involved Draymond Green putting Rudy Gobert in a headlock during a scuffle that resulted in ejections for Green, Klay Thompson, and Jaden McDaniels. 

Gobert, referring to Green's behavior as "clown behavior," insinuated that Green intentionally tries to get ejected when Stephen Curry is not in the lineup. 

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