Paul George Breaks His Silence On Russell Westbrook Embracing Bench Role For The Clipper

Paul George responds to selfless act by former league MVP.

After losing six straight games, it was only a matter of time before one of the Clippers' big four was pushed to the bench. 

And while the fans were split on which player should have taken the fall,

it was Russell Westbrook who accepted a demotion and he personally approached the coaching staff to make the request.  

It was a truly selfless act from Westbrook, and Paul George was among the first to give him props after the win over Houston on Friday. 

Interestingly, Westbrook refused to talk to the media after the game and it has sparked some concern among Clippers fans that he's not taking the new role very well. 

While the team did ultimately get the win, Russ was the odd man out on the night with just 8 points scored on 22% shooting from the field.  

No matter how much time has passed, there is no erasing the history between Russ and Harden and it remains to be seen how they can co-exist in Los Angeles. 

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