Paul George Reveals Ty Lue Stressed On Sacrifices For Clippers Big 4 To Work

Paul George discusses sacrifices and teamwork as the Clippers' superstars aim for a common goal in the NBA.

Paul George's recent revelation on his podcast, 'Podcast P with Paul George,' sheds light on the importance of sacrifices for the success of the star-studded Los Angeles Clippers.  

George emphasized the necessity for open discussions about how all four superstars, including James Harden,  

Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, and himself, would coexist and work together effectively. 

Yeah, yeah, we've talked, we came together. It's nothing secretive or nothing that hasn't been told. 

Fact of the matter is, you know, all four of us are superstars, great players, but there's got to be sacrifices, right? 

So that was the main conversation is addressing that. The elephant in the room of, listen, it's one basketball.  

Y'all going to have to figure out how to play on the floor and space and give each other opportunities. 

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