Paul Pierce Reportedly Reaches Deal With Man For $140K Poker Debt

Paul Pierce reportedly settled the poker debt lawsuit with Stephen Carmona, agreeing to dismiss all claims.

NBA legend Paul Pierce has reportedly reached a settlement in the lawsuit filed against him by Stephen Carmona over an alleged poker debt. 

According to court documents, Pierce and Carmona informed the court of their agreement 

with Carmona agreeing to dismiss all claims against Pierce, and both parties will be responsible for their legal fees. 

In the 2022 lawsuit, Carmona claimed to have loaned Pierce $150,000 during a private poker game in Los Angeles.  

He alleged that Pierce lost $140,000 in the game and only repaid $10,000.  

Carmona further claimed that he loaned another $40,000 to Pierce in a subsequent game, and Pierce failed to repay any amount from the second loan. 

Despite repeated demands, Carmona stated that Pierce refused to settle the total owed amount of $180,000. 

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