Predicting The Next 3 Blockbuster Trades That Could Happen This Season

After James Harden was traded to the Clippers, we predict the next 3 blockbuster trades that could happen this season.

James Harden was finally traded from Philadelphia to the Los Angeles Clippers in a deal that brought back to the 76ers several veteran players such as Robert Covington, 

Marcus Morris, Nicolas Batum, KJ Martin, and various future draft picks 

This move, which promises to alter the NBA landscape for the future, could kickstart a chain of blockbuster trades in the season. 

Some serious candidates to depart from their teams include Pascal Siakam 

who is in the final year of his contract with the Toronto Raptors as the team is eyeing a reconstruction, and Donovan Mitchell from Cleveland, 

where rumors continue to swirl about a potential departure before he becomes a free agent.  

Additionally, the Chicago Bulls might enter a reconstruction phase, making way for Zach LaVine to move to another title contender 

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