Previously unreleased videos show Alec Baldwin firing prop gun with blanks and directing ‘Rust' crew on safety

Alec Baldwin may be seen handling at least one prop pistol and conversing with crew members during "Rust" production in a series of films that NBC News exclusively received.

The film was shot a few days prior to cameraman Halyna Hutchins' death on set when Baldwin's pretend gun fired a real cartridge.

The five videos show Baldwin preparing for scenes, firing the guns and acting in character. In two of them, he tries to rearrange crew members after having expressed concerns about their safety.

The five videos total about seven minutes of footage, and the crew was shooting for two weeks before production was shut down.

The intimate glimpse inside the making of the heartbreaking film coincides with the grand jury meeting that special prosecutors in New Mexico will hold on Thursday to decide whether to charge Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter.

The videos are among dozens that special prosecutors requested from Rust Movie Productions LLC in the spring and didn’t receive until October, according to a source familiar with the matter. NBC News has not reviewed the rest of the videos.

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