Princess Diana Once Saved Barbra Streisand From a Wardrobe Malfunction

As if we needed another reason to adore Princess Diana, Barbra Streisand recently shared the nicest story about the late royal that reaffirmed one crucial thing we already knew: she was a real girls' girl.

The multi-hyphenate remembered on a moment when the Princess of Wales almost saved her from a wardrobe disaster while attending the 1992 premiere of The Prince of Tides in London in her new memoir, My Name Is Barbra.

The EGOT winner then expressed amazement at the remark, pointing out that it was the same question that songwriter Marilyn Bergman had asked her 30 years before. "I had no idea at the time." "Did I just realise it now?" Barbra kept going. "I don't know... maybe a little." 

Streisand's disclosure comes just years after she claimed that she had crossed paths with then-Prince Charles while speaking to U.K. host Ross King — however she notes that the conversation occurred in 1974, long before she met Diana.

"The zipper on my skirt had come down a bit as I sat, and she noticed and quickly began to zip it up for me as I got to my feet," Streisand said in People. "When I finally sat down, Diana asked, 'Do you know how wonderful you are.

Streisand said Diana broke the rules by zipping up her garment swiftly — and discreetly — after she tried to follow royal custom by waiting for Diana to stand first when receiving applause during the screening.

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