Ranking Every NBA Team’s Greatest All-Time Drafted Lineup

Ranking every NBA team's greatest lineup based solely on players they selected through the NBA draft whether they played for that organization or not.

Every year during the NBA Draft, 30 teams take a chance on unproven professional basketball players from all over the world. 

Over the course of NBA history, every NBA team has been able to draft great enough players to form their franchise’s greatest all-time drafted lineup. 

Using players solely drafted by a specific NBA franchise, we have created 30 lineups that can only be considered their greatest assembly of their homegrown and drafted players.  

While some of these players went on to be legends for that franchise, some never even played a game and went on to have legendary careers in other places. 

Below, we will discuss how well each lineup would perform on the court together and rank them accordingly. 

The team with the greatest assortment of legendary NBA talent will be declared the No. 1 team.  

Each of these teams presents a unique lineup to break down and analyze, full of NBA champions, MVPs, and some of the greatest offensive and defensive players in NBA history. 

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