Rapper Cam'ron Shoots His Shot With Joe Smith's Wife During The Live Interview

A surprising interview moment as rapper Cam'ron openly flirts with NBA veteran Joe Smith's wife over her OnlyFans content.

Rapper Cam'ron made headlines and left viewers surprised when he openly flirted with Kisha Chavis, 

the wife of former NBA forward Joe Smith, during a live interview.  

Chavis, who recently made headlines for her OnlyFans content 

appeared on an episode of the show Check Out The Stat, where she discussed her decision to open an OnlyFans account. 

In the course of the interview, Chavis mentioned her various businesses, including a bartending service,  

a moving company, and a massage business named "Body By Babes." 

It was when Cam'ron learned about her massage business that he brazenly asked: 

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