Reports say Russell Brand interviewed by British police over claims of sexual offense

Comedian Russell Brand has been interviewed by British police over three alleged sexual offenses, U.K. media reported Sunday.

The Sunday Times and BBC said Brand, 48, was interviewed last week at a London police station.

The Metropolitan Police said that on November 16, 2023, "a man in his 40s attended a police station in south London." They did not name Brand.

Detectives quizzed him while he was under surveillance because of three sexual offences that happened in the past few years. Still looking into it.

British police do not name suspects who have not been arrested and charged. "Under caution" means the interview was recorded and can be used in future prosecutions.

In September, the Times and Sunday Times newspapers and Channel 4 said that four women had said Brand had sexually assaulted them. From 2006 to 2013, when they dated, Brand was a big star in Britain and becoming more well known in the U.S.

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