Rubi Rose Gives Paul Pierce A Phone Number After He Claimed To Have A Crush On Her

Rubi Rose posted a number on X after Paul Pierce called her his crush.

Paul Pierce recently claimed he has a crush on rapper Rubi Rose, and in response, the 26-year-old shared a phone number on X and asked him to text her.

While we have no idea whether Pierce texted on that number, many fans of Rose's sure did.  

I'm not sure what they were expecting, as it obviously turned out not to be her personal number, but the one she has on Laylo 

It is a CRM platform that artists use to engage with their fanbase.  

Laylo sends texts to update them on merchandise, tickets, content, and things of that nature 

So, it is safe to say this is a case of unrequited love for Pierce.  

The Boston Celtics legend has seemingly been single for a while now, having gone through two divorces. 

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