Rudy Gobert Thinks Draymond Green Wanted To Put Him To Sleep: "The Choke Wasn’t Good Enough"

Rudy Gobert accuses Draymond Green of intending harm with a chokehold, adding intensity to the on-court altercation.

Rudy Gobert expressed strong sentiments about the altercation with Draymond Green during the Warriors-Timberwolves game, 

suggesting that Green's intention was to harm him. 

The incident occurred in the opening minutes of the game, triggered by a scuffle between Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels. 

It was a long time, and if he knew how to choke it could have been way worse. He tried to. 

His intention was to really take me out. And I kept my hands up the whole time just to show the officials that I wasn’t trying to escalate the situation 

As Gobert intervened to separate Thompson and McDaniels, Green applied a sleeper hold on the Frenchman, leading to Green's ejection. 

This incident adds to a pattern of recent ejections and confrontations involving Green, contributing to his reputation for aggressive play. 

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