Rui Hachimura Slams Dillon Brooks For Constantly Poking The Bear In LeBron James: "He Wants To Be A Part Of His Legacy"

Rui Hachimura has a rather simple explanation for why Dillon Brooks constantly goes at LeBron James.

Dillon Brooks has made some rather controversial comments regarding LeBron James in recent months, 

and Rui Hachimura thinks all of it was done in an attempt to be a part of James' legacy. 

I certainly wouldn't blame anyone for thinking along those lines. 

Brooks is a good player, but only hardcore basketball fans would have remembered someone like him 20-30 years down the road. 

Now, thanks to him repeatedly taking shots at James, his name does get attached to that of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. 

Who knows, Brooks might even land himself a segment on a grand LeBron James documentary which will inevitably come out at some point after he retires .

If that happens, then he'll probably be remembered till the end of time. 

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