Shannon Sharpe Blasts LeBron James For Saying He Would Be The Same Player If He Hadn't Gone To The Miami Heat

Shannon Sharpe strongly disagreed with LeBron James' recent comments about how he'd be the same player even if he never went to the Heat.

Shannon Sharpe has been one of LeBron James' staunchest defenders on sports television, but he vehemently disagreed with the 38-year-old's recent comments. 

James claimed he would still be the same player had he never gone to the Miami Heat, but Sharpe doesn't think that'd be the case. 

Hell no, I strongly disagree, I vehemently disagree, I strenuously disagree with what he said," Sharpe said on First Take 

At the time that he arrived in Miami, he had two regular-season MVPs and one Finals appearance through his first seven seasons. 

Sharpe believes LeBron wouldn't have been in the GOAT conversation if not for his stint with the Heat.

LeBron, do you realize the reason why you got to the GOAT conversation because of what transpired in Miami," Sharpe continued.  

You won two more Finals MVPs, you won two more regular season MVPs, you went to four straight Finals.  

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