Shannon Sharpe On Why NBA Players Get More Women Than NFL Player

Sharpe's playful take on the personal lives of NBA and NFL players due to travel differences.

Former NFL player and sports analyst Shannon Sharpe provided some insights into why NBA players might have an edge when it comes to their personal lives compared to NFL players.  

Sharpe highlighted the extensive travel schedules in basketball and baseball, emphasizing that they often land in a city and have more free time than NFL players. 

Basketball and baseball players travel so much more than an NFL player does. Because you know we fly in Saturday.  

We probably land around 3:30- 4 o'clock. We get on a bus that drives up to the tarmac. 

"We go straight to the hotel. They're normally going to have special teams meetings. They're going to have meetings within an hour."

So it's not like a basketball player, you land, you touchdown, you drop your bags off, and you're out. 

And the level, I've been around NBA players. You think football players got the women, it ain't even close at all.  

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