Shannon Sharpe Says Larsa Pippen Used To Babysit Marcus Jordan

Shannon Sharpe unveils the intricate dynamics of Marcus Jordan's relationship and wedding plans involving Larsa Pippen and Michael Jordan.

Shannon Sharpe, a prominent figure in sports commentary, raised an intriguing aspect of the relationship between Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen. 

Sharpe shared this revelation during a segment on the show 'Nightcap' while discussing the dynamics of their romance 

The topic at hand is Shannon Sharpe's statement about Larsa Pippen, who used to babysit Marcus Jordan, and Marcus's intention to have his father, Michael Jordan, as the best man at their potential wedding. 

Mike's middle son, he's dating Larsa Pippen, who's Scottie Pippen's ex-wife, who used to babysit the kids.  

They're talking about getting married and he says he wants his dad to be the best man 

The revelation adds another layer of complexity to the relationship, as Larsa Pippen's connection to the Jordan family dates back to her role as a babysitter for the Jordan children. 

It offers insight into the longstanding relationships within the NBA community and the unique personal connections that can develop over time. 

DID YOU KNOW? Shannon Sharpe Says Larsa Pippen Used To Babysit Marcus Jordan