Shaquille O’Neal Posts An Old And Shortened Video When LeBron James Selected Michael Jordan As Best Player Of All Time

Shaquille O'Neal shares a clipped video of LeBron James praising Michael Jordan, omitting LeBron's full response.

Shaquille O'Neal recently posted an old and shortened video on social media featuring LeBron James, 

where LeBron singles out Michael Jordan as the best player of all time. 

However, it's crucial to note that the clip shared by Shaq is edited and does not include the full context of LeBron's original response. 

In the complete and uncut video from 2013, LeBron James was asked to name the three best players in NBA history during an interview with Fox Sports. 

LeBron's response was more extensive than the snippet shared by Shaq.  

While social media often circulates condensed clips, it's essential to consider the full context of statements,  

especially in discussions about the greatest players in NBA history. 

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