Sharon Osbourne cautions against Ozempic after weighing under 100 lbs.

For Sharon Osbourne, her time aboard the Ozempic train didn't go according to plan.

After losing 42 pounds in less than a year, the "The Osbournes" star warned people not to use the type 2 diabetes injection drug just to lose weight.

She told the Daily Mail on November 17 that she couldn't put any weight on because she was too thin. "I want to because I think I'm too thin." I don't want to be under 100 pounds.

The 71-year-old woman said she began using the drug in December of last year but has "been off it for a while now." Even so, Osbourne said it's been hard to gain back some of the weight she lost.

"I couldn't stop losing weight," she explained, "and I can't afford to lose any more."

The "Talk U.K." host said, "Be careful what you wish for" as she thought about how quickly her body had changed.

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