Skip Bayless Claims Anthony Davis Has No Dog In Him

Skip Bayless doesn't hold back, asserting Anthony Davis lacks the competitive "dog" in him.

Skip Bayless did not mince words when assessing Anthony Davis's recent performance against the Sacramento Kings, 

Bayless used the term "dog" in an old-school context, suggesting that Davis lacked the tenacity and competitive spirit often associated with elite athletes. 

Bayless acknowledged Davis's ability to dominate, citing instances where he was the best player in the league for stretches, 

but he contended that Davis's performance against the Kings was a stark contrast. 

In Bayless's view, Davis played "like a dog" in a negative sense, indicating a lack of intensity and competitiveness from the outset of the game. 

The term "dog" has evolved in sports vernacular, transitioning from a negative connotation implying poor performance to a positive one signifying a competitive and relentless attitude.  

Bayless questioned whether Anthony Davis has the innate quality of having "dog" in him, suggesting that it is something a player is either born with or lacks. 

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