Starbucks customer shows hilarious result of asking for sandwich to be cut in half

When a woman asked a Starbucks worker to cut her sandwich in half so she could share it with her husband,

she could have never guessed the state in which her lunch would be given to her

On Nov. 6, in the subreddit r/starbucks, Vivian Hargis (u/natasbby on Reddit) posted a photo of an oddly oblong sandwich she got from Starbucks, sharing the context behind it.

“Hubby and I wanted to split a sandwich. I asked if it was possible if they could cut it in half. The barista said

‘of course no problem!’….. guess I should’ve been more specific,” she captioned the photo.

The image shows half of a Turkey, Provolone & Pesto on Ciabatta sandwich — cut in half lengthwise, rather than crosswise, creating two very tall and skinny halves.

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