Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Scottie Pippen For Quitting On Chicago Bulls And Betraying His Teammate

Stephen A. Smith's fiery takedown of Scottie Pippen exposes moments of perceived betrayal in the Bulls legend's career.

Stephen A. Smith, the outspoken ESPN commentator, minced no words when he called out former Chicago Bulls 

legend Scottie Pippen for what he saw as Pippen's betrayal of his teammates.  

Smith's passionate criticism centered on instances where Pippen's actions appeared to show a lack of commitment to his team. 

We a team, we all the same. Really? Everybody was Michael Jordan? Were you Michael Jordan when Michael Jordan was gone? 

You was an all-star MVP at an all-star game. You guided your team to the semifinals. 

It was Scottie Pippen that quit because Phil Jackson called the last play against the New York Knicks. 

He called the last play for Tony Kukoc to take the last shot and Scottie Pippen was appalled and refused to check into the game. 

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