Stephen A. Smith Would Not Accept A Year Without Sex For A Knicks' Championship

Stephen A. Smith passionately rejects celibacy for the New York Knicks, humorously linking it to team owner James Dolan.

Stephen A. Smith passionately expressed his desire for the New York Knicks to win a championship, highlighting the decades of suffering he has endured as a fan. 

Smith, known for his animated commentary, shared that he pays his tithe and tries to do the right thing, but celibacy is a step too far for him.   

While expressing a willingness for monogamy, he firmly rejected the idea of celibacy, especially for the Knicks. 

In a candid and entertaining monologue, Smith emphasized the profound impact a Knicks championship would have on his life, heart, and soul. 

Despite the potential transformative power of such an achievement 

he humorously asserted that celibacy for the Knicks, essentially doing it for team owner James Dolan, is not happening.  

Smith candidly discussed his love for sex, highlighting the importance of knowing he can have it.  

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