Stephen Curry Could Break NBA Record For 3-Pointers This Season

Stephen Curry's record-breaking pace is on track to shatter his own three-point record with stunning accuracy.

Stephen Curry, the sharpshooting maestro of the Golden State Warriors, is on a trajectory that could see him shatter his own record for three-pointers made in a single NBA season.  

His previous record, an astounding 402 three-pointers during the 2015-2016 season, has been a benchmark for long-range shooting excellence.  

Now, Curry is well on his way to eclipsing this mark by a significant margin. 

What's truly remarkable is that Curry's accuracy from beyond the arc is at a jaw-dropping 47.5%. 

He has already sunk 47 threes in just eight games, averaging roughly six three-pointers per contest.  

If he maintains this pace and plays all 82 games, Curry is on track to make approximately 481.75 threes this season. 

While it's unlikely that Curry will sustain a 47.5% shooting rate for the entire season, his quest to break the record remains tantalizingly close.  

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