Stephen Curry Hilariously Says He Is 'Super Jealous' Of Chris Paul For His Assist-To-Turnover Ratio

Chris Paul had 13 assists and zero turnovers against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Stephen Curry is getting jealous.

The Golden State Warriors recorded their fifth straight win on Friday night when they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 141-139. 

While Stephen Curry was the star of the show with 30 points,  

his new teammate Chris Paul had 13 assists and no turnovers on the night, and Curry admits he is getting jealous of that assist-to-turnover ratio. 

It's impressive, to say the least," Curry said. "His ability to see the court...  

He just has a knack for it, he's had his whole career.  

Watch out when he starts making shots that's gonna be the fun part when he puts it all together. 

So, it's very very impressive. I am super jealous of the assist-to-turnover ratio. I do not have that in my bag.

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