Stephen Curry Reacts To The Warriors' Six-Game Losing Streak: "That’s A Stink In The Locker Room You Don’t Really Want To Have In There."

The Warriors slumped to a sixth straight defeat on Saturday night and Stephen Curry reacted to this concerning losing streak.

The return of Stephen Curry from injury on Saturday night couldn't prevent a sixth straight defeat for the Golden State Warriors, as the Oklahoma City Thunder beat them 130-123 in overtime.  

After the contest, Curry was asked about the level of urgency to turn things around and he kept it real. 

Amid all their struggles in the regular season in 2022-23, the Warriors had never lost six in a row at any point.  

Their offense has been the biggest issue during this losing streak, as their offensive rating of 107.7 in that time, as per the NBA, would rank 27th in the league this season. 

Now, not having Curry and Draymond Green for some of those games plays a role in it, but for the offense to completely fall apart like this is concerning.  

The offense has never really been an issue during this dynastic run and they need to rediscover some of that old magic. 

This loss has now dropped them to 6-8 and they take on the Houston Rockets next. 

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