Stephen Jackson Explains How Mike Bibby's Mom Helped Him Get Drafted By The Phoenix Sun

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson shares a touching story of how Mike Bibby's mom helped him get drafted.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson shared a heartfelt story about how Mike Bibby's mom played a pivotal role in helping him get drafted by the Phoenix Suns.  

Jackson explained that he was initially supposed to attend the University of Arizona but faced challenges with academic eligibility.  

Due to difficulties passing the required test, he couldn't play for Arizona, and being in his hometown exposed him to various troubles. 

So I had been through a situation where I was supposed to get into Arizona, where Mike went. 

We came out of high school. We had the number one recruiting class that year. 

And we had knew each other from Penn High School and AAU and all that type of stuff. 

They had me working out and doing all these things. And she woke me up one morning and took me to the Phoenix Suns practice facility. 

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