Steve Kerr Calls Out NBA Rules For Controversial Decision In Loss To Thunder

Steve Kerr wasn't happy with a game-changing blocking foul call being made on Andrew Wiggins.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was not happy with Andrew Wiggins getting called for a blocking foul late in the clutch during their loss to the OKC Thunder.  

An attempted steal became a blocking foul, as Wiggins was moving when he swiped down on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's dribble 

and sent Shai to the line to unnecessarily hurt the Warriors' two-point advantage. 

What Wiggins did does technically fit the definition of a blocking foul, so the call itself wasn't wrong. 

However, it seems a tad bit excessive to penalize players this hard for playing good defense.  

If the ball-handler is constantly moving, is the defender not supposed to stay in motion as well?  

How else are they expected to defend such possessions and players? 

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