The Bigger, Cosmic Meaning Behind Wearing Silver to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé urged her Renaissance World Tour audience to dress in silver for the last tour dates, which happened to fall during Virgo season - Beyoncé's astrological sign. While many fans are still trying to wrap their heads around Beyoncé's birthday request, what they may not realise is that the choice has a deeper meaning than merely erecting a stadium-sized disco ball.

The Virgo season has here. "As we approach the end of the tour, my birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most fabulous silver fashions to the show 8.23 - 9.22," Beyoncé wrote in an Instagram post to supporters.

Put another way, wearing silver is like to wearing an evil eye in terms of protection against bad energy and harm. Wearing it not only reflects our deepest feelings and noble goals, but it also gives its wearer strength and clarity.

Silver is supposed to bring balance and soothe spirits in a more pragmatic sense. When Potter says, "I'm heading somewhere that's sure to be high energy and crowded, like a high energy concert filled with people dancing and singing along to Beyoncé, I reach for something silver to bring in a sense of etheric balance as a Virgo who also lives in a city."

Beyoncé's request that supporters wear the dazzling colour might be attributed to all of these meanings. She could be able to inspire positivity by dressing in silver and being surrounded by thousands of people, which is important for a performer. Referring back to her initial assertion that it reflects energy: That isn't a coincidence. 

During the Virgo season, seven planets will be in retrograde motion. Given the current planetary retrogrades, Beyoncé may be advising her followers to wear silver to protect themselves from the confusion and issues that can arise when multiple planets are in retrograde motion.

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