The Career of Chadwick Boseman, a Hollywood King

Months after stage four colon cancer claimed Chadwick Boseman's life on August 28, 2020, we are still in mourning for the tragically lost talent of a gifted young actor.

We’ve only recently learned that Boseman has been in the public eye without ever publicly speaking about his illness for four year

His unflinching way of living was a reflection of the courageous men he portrayed, fighting against overwhelming odds.

His parts in movies have suddenly taken on a new significance, yet even if he was already a cultural icon and symbol, this revelation makes his death all the more tragic.

At the age of 36, with no noteworthy credits to his name, he landed the lead in Gary Fleder's biopic, "The Express."

The actor gained widespread recognition for his ability to express resilience. Five years later, Boseman got his big break playing Jackie Robinson in the movie 42.

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