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Finding a purse that can actually carry you from work to pleasure can be akin to Goldilocks searching for the perfect bed. I've tried big bags. I tried little bags. I tried belt bags. So yet, however, nothing has satisfied my need for an all-day, everyday bag. 

The Jemma Tote from Vivaia has a briefcase-inspired form with an open top and two handles. It has a relaxed shoulder drop and can be worn on the shoulder or around the wrist. It's constructed of recycled plastic bottles and has just enough structure to keep its shape while remaining soft and malleable.

This tote is made of the same knit fabric as Vivaia's iconic cosy shoes, which are favoured by celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, and others. It's available in two colours: black with blue handles or olive green with cream, which is what I went with.

The fact that Vivaia's Jemma Tote holds a 13.3-inch laptop — the same size as my MacBook Air — was the selling point for me. I never know where I'll be carrying my laptop that day (or night! ), so having a backpack that can handle it is essential to me.

The bag is larger than it appears; it holds my laptop, noise-cancelling headphones, Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag, and charger. Best of all, I can throw it in the washing machine if it's seen too many coffee shop floors. 

While there aren't many reviews of Vivaia's Jemma Tote yet, they're all 5 stars, gushing over how lovely the bag's shape, style, and utility are. One reviewer stated that they were "so glad" they bought it and that it was the "perfect size" with "wide shoulder straps."

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