The Greatest All-Time NBA Scoring Team

The greatest all-time First, Second, and Third scoring teams in NBA history based on a combination of each player's career scoring average and scoring title.

In recent weeks, we revealed the greatest All-Time Defensive Teams in NBA history. 

Today, we focus on the other side of the ball strictly as it pertains to putting the ball in the basket.  

. Basketball is simple in that if you do not score the ball, you can’t win games just as if you can’t stop the other team from scoring, you can’t win games either. 

These three teams will feature the greatest scoring guards, forwards, and centers in NBA history based on career points per game, total points, and scoring titles.  

Most of these players were able to lead their teams to the goal of becoming NBA champions 

with their scoring ability while others earned countless individual accolades that earned them a spot on this honorable list. 

Allen Iverson is one of the most impressive scorers in NBA history and his spot on the All-Scoring First Team solidifies that. 

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