‘The Killer' disguises Chicago suburb as New York

A Chicago suburb played a prominent role in a pivotal scene in David Fincher's new Netflix thriller, but you might not have known it as the film disguised the setting as being in New York.

An assassin who "after a fateful near-miss... battles his employers, and himself, on an international manhunt he insists isn't personal," is the subject of the iconic Fincher thriller "The Killer."

highlight St. Charles, a suburb of Chicago, and the renowned Hotel Baker in particular.

The protagonist of the Michael Fassbender-starring movie goes to Beacon, New York, "a Hudson Valley town about two hours north of New York City," to spar with Tilda Swinton, another "professional."

But while the scene is set in New York, the footage actually shows St. Charles. At one point, Hotel Baker serves as a waterfront restaurant where the two characters share a tense drink.

According to St. Charles, filming was done in March 2022. The suburb boasted of its cinematic prominence, even though it was hidden in the movie, which also shows the metropolis of Chicago at one time.

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