The Master Plan For The Chicago Bulls: Rebuilding Is The Only Truth

Chicago could trade their stars and start a rebuilding process in 2024.

The Chicago Bulls have failed to achieve the desired level of success since assembling a formidable team around Zach LaVine a few seasons ago.  

The Bulls made significant moves by acquiring Lonzo Ball in free agency, securing DeMar DeRozan 

and executing a trade for Nikola Vucevic from the Orlando Magic, constructing a team anticipated to be a strong contender in the Eastern Conference. 

However, a series of injuries and unfortunate setbacks, notably impacting the availability of their key stars, has placed the team in an unfavorable position.  

Chicago exited in the first round of the 2022 playoffs and failed to secure a postseason berth in 2023. 

As the current season commenced, the team faced defeats in two out of their first three games, 

prompting serious contemplation about reconfiguring the roster and initiating another phase of rebuilding. 

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