The Time Mike Krzyzewski Had To Confront Kobe Bryant Over Poor Shot Selection In The 2008 Olympic

Coach K says he was terrified to approach Team USA's captain, Kobe Bryant, during the Olympics.

In the summer of 2008, Kobe Bryant was already a living legend in the NBA. 

At the peak of his powers that summer, Bryant's place at the top of the league was unquestioned 

at the time and that remained true in the Olympics when he was tapped as the team captain.  

But even for a mega-star like Kobe Bryant, there are moments where confrontation is necessary. 

Former USA coach Mike Krzyzewski had one of these moments with Kobe in 2008 when he was forced to confront the Lakers star for forcing ill-advised jump shots. 

Most superstars would probably resist being held accountable in this way, but Kobe didn't take issue with the coach pulling him aside. 

In fact, Bryant agreed with Krzyzewski's assessment and promised to be better. 

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